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Sovereign and Free. The women who drafted the Constitution.

Libere e Sovrane. Le donne che hanno fatto la Costituzione

More than 70 years after women's suffrage, the contribution of women to the history of our democracy isn't much known yet. Libere e Sovrane combines the biographies of the 21 Mothers Constituents that, together with the notorious “Fathers”, wrote the Constitution. The objectives concerning equal opportunities (some already attained, others not yet) recorded in the Charter, must be ascribed to them and that is why they should be remembered.
21 stories, one in each page, that tell the homelife, the period of war and dictatorship, the participation in the constituent Assembly and the great contribute to the writing of our Constitution with the perspective – revolutionary for that time – on the respect for women's rights.
Even though equality isn't fully reached, this book can be inspiring for anyone who wants to pursuit this path.
For its simple register and eye-catching illustrations, the book can be suitable for the integration for every school and stage order.
Scientific revision by Sis - Società Italiana delle Storiche (Italian society of historians)