Welcome to Settenove! Settenove is an independent feminist publishing house aiming to prevent gender-based violence through children's books, novels, school projects and essays.

Here you will find information about our current highlights as well as titles from the catalogue. We hope you find everything you need, but don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need some extra information.

Rights and Permission Manager:
Monica Martinelli

Educazione al genere

Gender Equality in Education
Manuals and school books for teachers, educators and Anti Violence Center voluntaries/workers, to introduce a gender perspective in the educational path.

Lo scellino

The Shilling
Words of women and men against discrimination and gender-based violence.
«For there is a spot the size of a shilling at the back of the head which one can never see for oneself.» (Virginia Woolf)

Storie nella Storia

Stories in History
Children's books about women's history and gender history to tell a new story, able to report the contribution of both, women and men, to the evolution of our world.