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A room of my own. WHITE RAVENS 2017

Una stanza tutta per me.

Inspired by the book of Virginia Woolf A Room of One’s Own in which she expresses the concept that made her famous in the world, the authors relate the writer and the little reader to which Virginia tells the conquest of her freedom of expression through the solitude of a room, in which, like a spider spinning its web, she could weave the threads of one and many stories.

Una stanza tutta per me is included in the White Ravens list 2017!

Please find below the jury review:
«This book’s title is in obvious reference to Virginia Woolf’s well-known essay. What connects the picture book with the work of the great English author? The threads of a spider’s artfully woven web recall the narrative web of stories that an author invents. The short, apt text enhances Chiara Carrer’s outstanding, intentionally simple illustrations. A story emerges about being alone, about reflection and thought, about the wish for change and autonomy.
“Una stanza tutta per me” engages readers by representing the meaning of freedom on every page and the possibility of acting autonomously and standing up for one’s own decisions. Thus, through interplay of “weft” and “warp” a special, unique “fabric” is made».