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The difficult freedom of women. Reasoning about bodies and power.

La libertà difficile delle donne. Ragionando di corpi e di poteri

Every kind of power – from religious to political one – acts on bodies. Even before preparing systems of structures and norms, power creates symbolic rules that make a distinction between a “natural”, “legitimate” use of the body and an “unnatural”, “perverse” one.
The stakes are high: it’s all about people’s intimate sphere, sexuality and reproduction. By regulating these, we can regulate our society; it is with the control of women that we can guarantee the purity of the line of descent, essential to the community life.

During the 20th century the feminist movements have brought to scene of history, culture and politics themes that concern the body; by doing this they have unveiled the discriminations, subordinations and deletions they have gone through for centuries.

However, invisible mechanisms still condition our freedom, while the conquests we thought achieved are questioned once again; keywords of feminism are subjected to a twist that may distort their meaning.