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220 x 278 cm hard cover
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The Cook of Emotions.

Il Cuoco delle Emozioni.

Chef of emotions serves very special dishes. Every day he prepares just a single special dish dedicated to one of the many emotions we can feel. His customers eat the dishes and immediately fell them self happy, relaxed, empowered. Which is his secret?
Every morning he goes out for a walk and gets a feast of... life! He observes everything and everyone with empathy and attention, he laughs, he cries, he have fun and he get angry. At the end, he collects all the emotions, bring them to the restaurant and seasons the dishes with his tears.
This is the main secret: many kinds of tears, and fresh tears of the day!
There are so many sort of crying, and each one has its own relevance and its own special flavor...

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Massimiliano di Lauro's works, created for the book "Il cuoco delle emozioni" (by Daniele Bergesio, published by Settenove) have been selected for the Bologna Children's Book Fair 2021!