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The consequences. Femicides and the gaze of those who remain

Le conseguenze. I femminicidi e lo sguardo di chi resta

In Italy a woman is killed every sixty hours. While the total number of murders is decreasing, that of ‘femicide’, the killing of a woman by a partner, ex-partner or other family member, has increased. In the majority of cases, the crimes are committed by the husband, boyfriend or ex-partner.
When a woman is killed at the hand of a man, not only is that life destroyed, but whole families are affected. Those dealing with the consequences are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and children. They’re the ones with shattered lives, memories kept alive by pictures, children to be lifted and comfortable, alongside the weight of the legal expenses and the humiliation in the courts, and in the media, where the behavior of the victims is questioned rather than that of the killer.
An increasing number of families undertake daily battles, often invisible from outside. Some write books, start petitions, collect funds for awareness-raising campaigns or engage in online activism. Their aim is to get society to understand how what they went through has precise cultural and social roots because there is still a widespread culture of ownership and domination of women by men.
“The consequences” shows a community of family members who refuse to give in to inconsolable grief. Through their eyes, we can see the love they had for the women who were killed. Through their eyes we can see the victims in a different way from which media usually portrayed them. Media often seems to diminish the responsibilities of the killer, insisting on the influence of love, jealousy, impetuosity and craziness, focusing mostly on the bloody dynamic of the tragedies.