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Red Gold. Strawberries, tomatoes, violence and explotation in the Mediterranean Sea.

Oro rosso. Fragole, pomodori, molestie e sfruttamento nel Mediterraneo

Oro rosso, Red Gold, is a documentary investigative fieldwork whose writing is lasted more than two years and that has been put together with the purpose of shedding light on the conditions of exploiting, harassment and psychological torture suffered by the Mediterranean Sea women day laborers.

Oro Rosso narrates the testimonies, emerged from more than 130 interviews, granted by female workers, trade unionists and members of different associations, exploring, moreover, the diverse context in which these testimonies occur. Oro Rosso explores, indeed, those countries that embrace the Mediterranean Sea and that are, nowadays, the most important fruit and vegetables exporters for Europe and for the rest of the world: Italy, Spain and Morocco. Not only is women's salary inferior to the wage assigned to men, but these workers are also forced to exhausting shifts, extortions, black-mails, physical and psychological violence and to sexual abuses.

Through the pages of this book the voices of these workers finally emerge together with their daily survival stories, their resistance, their attempt in denouncing the crimes suffered that,despite the efforts, remained unheard.

To this theme is connected the inquest carried out in German, English and Spanish that came out in Germany on Buzzfeed and Correctiv. The Oro rosso project has been awarded various prizes, among which:
-2019 Diederichsen Award (Germany), first prize
-2019 Henri Nannen Award (Germany), first prize
-2018 Georg von Holtzbrinck Preis (Germany), first prize
-2018 Otto Brenner Preis (Germany), first prize
-2018 Deutsche Reporterpreis (Germany), finalist
-2018 Medien Lowin (Austria), finalist
-2017 Volkart Stiftung Grant (Switzerland)
-2016 The Pollination Project Grant (USA)

The photos related to the investigation have received honorable mentions at
-Tokyo International Photo Awards
-International Photography Awards
-ND Awards
-Moscow International Photo Awards
-Lugano Photo Days
-Photography Festival