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Reading without Stereotypes. Educational Programs to Figure the Future (0-6 years-old)

Leggere senza stereotipi.
Percorsi educativi 0-6 anni per figurarsi il futuro

The perception of the self, of one's body and gender, the professional and family roles, and the plurality of family models are viewed through the lens of the illustrated book.
This volume analyses many illustrated books published in Italy and abroad from the point of view of the presence or absence of gender stereotypes related to early childhood. It proposes activities aimed at overcoming stereotypes and it is mainly addressed to teachers, parents, educators, trainers who work with the 0-6 years old children.

Reading without stereotypes is divided into several programs, each one linked to a key topic for the construction of gender identity of girls and boys, helpful to different school levels. A brief theoretical presentation opens the parts dedicated to the illustrated books (Italian and foreign) with activities and bibliographical references, in order to offer a useful tool also to those who approach these topics for the first time.