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Prehistory. Other views, new stories.

Preistoria. Altri sguardi, nuovi racconti

Is it possible to tell prehistory without mentioning only “primitive men”? Of course it is: we just need to look carefully at the tracks they have left and ask ourselves new questions. This way we can discover a group life which was based on a real teamwork: the work of women, the activities of men, the contribution of girls and boys.
By listening to the stories that the scholars of yesterday and today tell us, we will discover the rules of that game and we will understand their changes in time.

The series “Storie nella Storia”, edited by SIS – Italian Association of Women Historians– proposes boys and girls a new teaching of history, able to weave together the events of women and men, to give value to relations and differences, and to contribute to the building of a better common world.

Inside this volume: Qr code link to didactic material and in-depth analysis for teachers and educators.