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Not Anymore. WHITE RAVENS 2016

Ora non più.

The lives of four children described in a rhyme through the evolutions of their appearance, emotions, actions and thoughts. Four children and a thousand ways of being, in order to compose the pieces of an authentic and unique personality.
Now no longer celebrates the complexity of the human being, which changes with the time, in constant development.

When he was born, Marco was curly,
now no longer.
When she was born, Soledad was capricious,
now no longer.
When she was born, Sveva was sleepy,
now no longer.
When he was born, Youssef was all red,
now no longer.

Ora non più by Valentina Rizzi and Marianna Coppo is included in the White Raven list 2016. It has been selected for the annual catalogue of book recommendations in the field of international children’s and youth literature.

Please, find here below the jury review:
«This picture book tells a story about identity, about the willingness to change, and about things present and past. The focus is on four children – Sveva, Jimmy, Soledad, and Youssef – who, as they grow up, show a great openness about everything that life has to offer. First as toddlers, then as young children, they share their view on life: the things they do, what they love and hate, where they are heading to, and what they dream about. They are young people who make their own decisions, who direct and adjust their paths through life. Everything changes: their thoughts, their deeds, and their views of the world in which they live. The children are similar but, at the same time, decidedly different from each other.
With just a few words and a perfect combination of text and illustrations, Valentina Rizzi and Marianna Coppo successfully address emotions and decisions, as well as personal developments and changes in society».