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Le conseguenze. I femminicidi e lo sguardo di chi resta. (The Consequences. Femicides and the Gaze of Those Who Remain)

Le conseguenze. I femminicidi e lo sguardo di chi resta

In Italy a woman is killed every sixty hours. While the total number of murders is decreasing, «femicides», the killing of a woman by a partner, ex-partner or other family member, has increased.
When a woman is killed by the hand of a man, not only the woman's life is destroyed, but the whole family is affected. Those who deal with the consequences of the murder are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and children. Those have to deal with economical and moral humiliation: legal costs are too high and their grief is always in the spotlight of courts and media, where the attention is pointed towards the victims' behaviour rather than the killer.
An increasing number of families undertake daily battles, often invisible from outside. Some of them write books, start petitions, collect funds for awareness-raising campaigns or get involved in online activism. Their aim is to get society to understand that the things they went through have cultural and social causes, because there is still a widespread culture of ownership and domination of women by men.
«The consequences» shows a community of family members who refuse to give in to inconsolable grief. Through their eyes, words and gestures we can see their reclaim of the storytelling.