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In dialogue. Reflections about domestic violence.

In dialogo. Riflessioni a quattro mani sulla violenza domestica

Nadia Muscialini and Mario De Maglie answer the most frequent questions they have been asked during their professional life about men’s violence against women. Starting from their experience in anti-violence centres and in the Centre Violent Men, they make considerations about the contrast and the prevention of violent and discriminating behaviours that occur in the relationships between men and women.

Although it is widely recognised that domestic abuse often concerns men, it is mainly women who face gender issues. We are used to seeing a society where the male part of the population generally avoids challenging themselves, while women have learnt how to re-adapt and to re-think themselves with firm conviction. What’s the reason for this? Fear? Indifference? Incomprehension?
This volume doesn’t offer specific answers, but opens a dialogue mediated by the authors, in which the suggestions that emerge weave together with the stories, the professional experience and the theoretical tools that can be used to fight against domestic violence.

This volume is dedicated to workers of anti-violence community centres and social and health services, as well as to the Law Enforcement, professionals who work in this field and finally to common people who are somehow involved and want to know in detail about gender violence.

Confrontation and collaboration to oppose men’s violence against women.