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Il primo voto di Matilde. (Matilde's first vote)

Il primo voto di Matilde.

The story takes place in the Tuscan countryside, in 1945, when the war has just ended. There are memories about bombardments and hunger, but also lust for life. Matilde was 20 years old and she left school very early, but she never ceased the longing to grow. She wants to learn, understand and discuss about important topics: politic, the universal right to vote, women's freedom, the right to contribute all together, both men and women, to the rebuilding of the country. When in 1946 women were called to vote for the first time in history, every woman – full of enthusiasm – went to the ballot boxes, moving from the cities and countrysides. Matilde had to wait to be adult so she could vote. It's a story about women's rights and a crucial political Italian event: the popular referendum on the institutional form of the state was called in order to choose between monarchy and republic.