Age range:
+ 4
22 x 28 cm
€ 17,00
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If a child.

Se un bambino.

If a child doesn't follow the “rules” of society – if he or she is shy, always late, sees things his or her own way, doesn't believe what everyone else believes in - he might be labelled as “wrong”. But every child is different, and therefore precious. In order to notice that, we must give up the common (pre)judices, open our minds, and take a step towards the other. A book for children that invites us to challenge the stereotypes that trap us like cages, and to constantly try to engage with the people around us.
The visual impact given by the drawings mixed with scarce but effective words, provides the reader with the necessary tools to face one of the many taboos in our society: diversity. Teaching children that being different isn't bad means giving them the rights to express themselves, and by doing so, we are also supplying them the basis for a better future.