Age range:
5 years and up
paperback with flabs, 13x21cm
€ 13,00
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I love Spiderman… so what?.

Mi piace Spiderman... e allora?.

Cloe is a six-year-old girl who tells stories that her mother types into the computer. She is also truly passionate about her new Spiderman schoolbag that she chose to begin primary school. With the only exception of only her parents, everyone around Cloe judges this purchase with the same exclamation: «That's for boys!».
Cloe wants to play soccer with her friends and she loves superhero t-shirts, but education and toys are rigidly divided between boys and girls. She wants to be free to ask her hairdresser to make her look like her male schoolmates «because boys can do what they want».
The book discusses various issues related to gender stereotypes and identity, but also the relationship between children within an increasingly multicultural context.
Reading age: 4 years and up.

Rights sold in South Korea, China, Russia and Spain.