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11 x 21 cm
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I am like this.

Io sono così.

“I like when I scuffle with my brother
and we roll on the bed, one on the other,
as if we are fighting, but without hurting”

“I don't like it when I do the slalom in my dish
to skip the broccoli trying to spear only the fusilli...”

“I like when I pedal like a rocket
and I throw down a descent with the air
whistling in my ears
and ruffling my hair...”

In few lines, collected in an accordion book illustrated by Antonio Ferrara, a character describes itself – as in a nursery rhyme – through what it loves to do.
Scuffling, cooking, climbing, play with cards, and many other things. Is it a boy or a girl? We wonder through the pages, but the gender of the protagonist is revealed only at the end of this short story, reversing the accordion, in a poster that shows the face and the desire to live a childhood outside the schemes...