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13 x 21
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Greta. The Way to the Future

Greta e le altre. Un pianeta da salvare

«Astrid spied the girl from a distance for a while.
She stands motionless, in front of the Swedish Parliament, bundled up in a yellow raincoat, the long braids dangling on the sides of a round face, with a serious expression. With her hands she holds a sign on which the sentence is drawn in large handwritten characters:
This is the beginning of the friendship between Astrid, an aspiring journalist, and Greta Thunberg, the environmental activist nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, who in a few months managed to enter the imagination of all of us as the «Environment Guardian». Astrid interviews Greta for her school blog. She wants to know more about her story. The story of her commitment to the climate is
intertwined with her personal history, past and present, in a dialogue that evokes flashbacks about her childhood and useful information to understand the reasons for her struggle. The evocative text by Fulvia Degl’Innocenti and the sparkling illustrations by Francesca Rizzato make the book suitable for young readers aged 6+ and also for school programs focused on this topic.
«All great revolutions have always started from small symbolic gestures, and if one day Earth will be saved, all of us will remember that little figure in her yellow raincoat and with her long braids testifying her love for the environment».

Rights sold in South Korea.