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Giro Girotondo.

Giro Girotondo.

A merry-go-round in the school yard, around an ancient olive tree, which took a long time to become so beautiful and so strong.
Michele has a leg disability and falls. When he gets up, the merry-go-round continues more slowly. The most important thing is doing it together, with your own physical and aptitude differences. Mariam has dark feathers, Marco has down syndrome, Giorgio can't ride a bicycle.
A children's book, inspired by some cases of bullying occurred in Italy and in the world.


Supported by
Amnesty International

Amnesty International Italia supports Giro Girotondo for the ability to celebrate, with tenderness and humor, the themes of diversity, empathy and inclusion. Cristina Obber's words manage to highlight the fundamental values ​​of human rights such as respect for diversity, friendship and cooperation, encouraging the little ones to be proud of how they are, each unique and special with your own characteristics and abilities."