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Eroe guasto.. (Broken Hero)

Eroe guasto.

The story of Alan Turing, a man whose scientific, civil and political commitment contributed to end the Second World War and the victory of the allied over the nazi-fascist forces. The reader can know the story of his life, both intimate and public, through a narration in first person.
The story unfolds through complicated military espionage carried out by the United Kingdom against Hitler's army. It reconstructs the painstaking development of an electronic machine capable of decrypting the secret messages that the Nazi high hierarchy, through the Enigma computer, sent to its officers engaged on different fronts. This decryption was completely realized thanks to Turing.

He wasn't an ordinary man. Certainly not.
He was a genius, first exploited and then thrown away.

He was a great scientist, a leading researcher, a great mathematician and scholar of quantum physics and DNA. A man who did not hesitate for a moment to put himself at the service of his country and the resistance against the dictatorship. But Alan Turing was homosexual too and, as such, a victim of prejudice, outside and inside the Army, before and after the victory he made possible.

A hero, as well as a scientist.
But also a victim.

Victim of prejudice towards those who, like him, did not fall within the canons of heterosexuality. Victim of a homophobic law, that considered homosexuals as sick people that had to be treated with the most cruel chemical therapies. A law that, as fate would have it, was abolished not long after Turing's suicide.