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Becoming men. Men's relationships without oppressions.

Diventare uomini. Relazioni maschili senza oppressioni

This is an essay against male antisexism, which gathers the female perspective of “starting from yourself”.

The author describes the life of a common man, from childhood to adult age, to show how antisexism-through which the patriarchal system maintains itself and develops- influences his growth, his language, his habits, his view of the world: childhood games, relationships with the other sex and with other genders, life as a couple, job and society.
Every man embodies prejudices and antisexist behaviours, becoming an active part of a discriminatory politics.

All this can be changed, but nobody is born an antisexist: only those men who have a free and critical awareness against the current patriarchy, can guide to a new view on the relationships among genders and can free from social conditioning the image that men have of themselves.