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Ada upside down.

Ada al contrario.

Since she was a child, Ada used to do things the other way round, not because she was a naughty little girl, but because it came natural to her.

As a newborn, instead of crying “Waaaah, waaaah!”, she cryed: “Haaaaw, haaaaw!”. She used to sleep during the day and she was up all night. When her father placed her in the cradle she raised up. When he raised her up she wanted to lie down. She would say “mum” for dad and “dad” for mum and, growing up, she even started walking backwards.

Ada's story reflects with sensitivity the theme of Asperger's syndrome, a mild form of autism, by underlying the freedom and the right to be accepted in one's own diversity, an aspect that can affect every child, regardless of what their uniqueness may be.

Her PE teacher will be the one who will teach her how to live in harmony with other people and how to be herself.