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«Una savia bambina». Gianni Rodari e i modelli femminili

«Una savia bambina». Gianni Rodari e i modelli femminili

A second reading and analysis made with particular attention to the topic of gender balance of the texts written by Gianni Rodari.

Gianni Rodari is a very much loved author even some aspects of his didactic and literary approaches have been, for long time, remained unexplored. One of these unrealeased topic consists, indeed, in the gender proportion: a fil rouge that, crossing all his literary production, has given life to extraordinary feminine characters and that, most of all, to a series of high-quality narrations. The heroines created by Rodari (Atalanta, Alice Casherina*, Sabina the tv assistant and the others) constitute a positive model for every child. Under the reader’s eyes passes by intelligent tv assistants, sporty girls, entrepreneur princesses and non-conformist dolls: curious, clever, intelligent, frank, sincere, courageous women and little girls are also confident with their own abilities. Through his meticulous attention even to single words but also to the representation of balanced and complementary relationships, Rodari shows a sensibility that inspires an universal ideal of social equality.

«Gianni’s model is a subversive one,
because “his” little girls, independently from their context,
are everything but remissive, always reaffirming
a disposition to independence»
(Pino Boero)

*the verb “cascare” in Italian means fall down. Casherina is, for this reason, a kind of surname given to this little girl because she continuously takes tumbles.